Use Journyz-enabled engagement strategies to help solve your transformation challenges

Organizational and Cultural Transformation

  • Reinforcing your company culture is challenging during the best of times, let alone in times of transformation. Many industries are doubling down on mergers and acquisitions to stay ahead of the fray. Automotive companies are becoming mobility companies, major hospitals are turning to medical tourism, universities are rolling out Massive Open Online Courses. During such inflection points. culture transformation within your workforce is a key ingredient of success..
  • Highlighting role-model behavior has been shown to be an effective means to drive culture transformation. Use Journey RECOGNITION to shine the limelight on your culture ambassadors.
  • In companies that have formed through mergers and acquisitions, it often challenging to merge cultures. Constant communication is a must in these situations. Conduct Journey Town halls to engage your teams in continuous, open and frank conversations. .

Digital Transformation

  • Whether you are a bank, airline, hospital, manufacturer, or university, your business is undergoing a digital disruption at an unprecedented pace and scale. In these times of change, your people are your biggest asset.
  • Use Journey’s IDEAS and EVENTS to conduct innovation days and hackathons to tap into your employees’ inventive spirit and make them an integral part of your digital transformation.
  • Don't let your invaluable human capital fall behind the digitization curve. Make digital literacy a priority for your organization. Use Journey CAMPAIGNS to roll out a mentoring program to retool your workforce for the digital future.

Agile Transformation

  • Organizations shifting to agile and lean methodologies must be able to thrive in a flexible, self-organizing and fast-changing environment. A collaborative mindset at all levels of the organization is key. Use Journey CIRCLES and CAMPAIGNs to foster self-organization and drive grassroots efforts toward your Agile Transformation.
  • Onboard and train employees on new processes in a fun setting with Journey EVENTS and track progress with Journey SCORECARDS.

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