The Journyz 4-Step process to convert your employees into owners of your strategy execution

Design your own Unique

Virtual Collaborative Workspace

Your problems spaces, opportunities, and situations are all unique. You have the initiative and will to drive change. Now you need the tech. But you don't need another cookie cutter engagement tool. You need Flexibility! Use the JournyZ Web App to design your own unique collaborative workspace.

JournyZ Campaign enables you to methodically digitize your team interactions with feedback, recognition, time tracking, polling, rating, photos and check-offs.

JournyZ Gamification allows you to handout points and achievements for participation in Campaigns.

JournyZ Templates is a rich library of campaign ideas. Use Templates to get rolling fast, or just design your own Campaigns.

JournyZ Workflow enables you to chain actions within a Campaign with triggers and business rules.

Enable Teams to

Share Content in Interactive Ways

Use the Journyz Mobile app to create a social experience within your virtual workspace. Get the word out to the team. Post updates and share pictures. Comment and Like posts from team members. Hold competitions and ice breakers to kick your engagement into high gear.

JournyZ Circle is a great way to organize your stakeholder communities by setting fine grained access controls. You can organize Circles by department, functional area, geography or however you like!

JournyZ Newsfeed delivers up to date Campaign trending metrics, deadlines, triggers, user achievements and levels.

JournyZ Notification sends automated in-app and email alerts on keeps everyone in the loop; weekly summaries that what you may have missed and instant updates from campaign admins.

JournyZ Photo is an easy way to share media within a Campaign; such as a meaningful personal achievement or great team snapshot from an event.

Give and

Get Feedback

Get real time feedback on your initiative. Acknowledge a co-worker for a job well done. Host a Virtual Townhall with live Q&A. Ask questions, add comments, vote up questions, and answer them live. Crowdsource ideas and let the most popular ones bubble to the top.

JournyZ Poll rolls out pulse surveys with real-time data gathering on mobile devices enabling you to measure effectiveness of transformation efforts.

JournyZ Shout Out is a fun way to enable peer to peer recognition for role model behavior with points and feedback that can be rolled up for performance management.

JournyZ Rating is a easy tool to measure sentiment on a specific topic.

Journyz Comments provides a flexible way to capture feedback and ideas.



Leverage real time analytics to pull reports and track progress towards your goals. Create customized scorecards to measure and track your engagement activities, real time visibility into your transformation efforts.

JournyZ Engagement Score uses quantitative metrics to gauge overall employee sentiment and engagement levels, filterable by campaign, circle or timeline.

JournyZ Leaderboard tracks participation at a campaign level shining a light on team members who are crushing it!

JournyZ Report gives you an immediate graphical snapshot of Campaign logs.

JournyZ Time Log is a great time tracking tool for Campaigns.